this is where we post scripts for use during a specific seminar.

Scripts for the May 21st session with Toby Guidry,

will be posted here on approximately May 16th, 2009.

Please come back at that time to download a script of your choice

and have it prepared for the seminar. Do your best to memorize.

Toby's session will also have some cold reading material, which you may opt for. The cold scripts for the class can not be posted here as they are from films still actively in production.

Some notes from Toby about the scripts.....If some of the sides have multiple scenes let the actors know that they can do more than one scene, but if the scenes are real long to choose just one.

Daniel and Nate are from Bride Wars.

Lila (have them pick one scene here) Mac and Uncle Tito (have them pick just one scene here as well) are from the Heatbreak Kid.