Seminars Coming soon

1) - Breakdown Services, the inside scoop (date TBD)

How to maximise your actors access profile, and lots more.

Designed for those who have interest in the New York and/or LA Markets.

2) - LA Indy Film Casting Director (date TBD)

We are inviting this busy CD, because takes talent from all of the USA, and casts them as local hires, for mostly SAG projects. He tells me he would indeed hire someone from Boston for a Chicago project, if they were right for the part and willing to travel, and work as a local hire. I already took his seminar myself. Excellent feedback, really gets into the acting.

Seminars in Rotation

) - Tony Nation, How to get and keep a NY Agent (date TBD)

A well-recieved Guest from 2009, who may repeat.

Coming soon: testimonials.

10am - 1pm (3 hours)

How To Get,

And Keep

A New York Agent,

(and still live in Boston)

with Tony Nation, Owner of Actors Connection, NYC

Q) Who is this seminar for?

A) - This Seminar is a great for any New England actor who wants ....

- to land principle roles in New York, (representation required)

- to improve the relationship with their current representation.

- who doesn't yet have an agent in New York, and wants to learn how to get one.

Q) How can this benefit me as an actor?

A) - You can benfit by learning which New York agents may be right for you

- how to approach the agents for a meeting.

- what their different 'personalities' and reputations are,

- learning who are the A, B, or C level agents,

- witness two mock interviews at this seminar

- by making sure your materials are all in their best order,

- learn what agents will be looking for in talent,

- tips on getting that first meeting,

- and what you may be asked you at a first interview,

- going exclusive or Non-exclusive?

Q) What if I live in Boston, can I really get a New York Agent to represent me? Will I need to lie about my address?

Tony will address that one detail also. There ARE MANY actors in Boston right now, who have good representation in New York. These actors regularly travel to New York for auditions and well-paying principle work. They can even audition on tape, in some cases, for castings taking place in New York, LA and around the country! and of course, many of them give their real address.

For those of us who have good agents already, this seminar is about how to improve that relationship, or how to seek better representation if and when the time comes, and how to apply for representation to the sister departments within the same agency, if that is even a good idea, (from the commercial department to Legit or vice versa).

This seminar is about how we Boston actors can get and retain an agent in New York.

- Do you want to expand your Acting Career to New York?

- If so, you really need to have an agent in New York.

Tony is the right person to talk to. Tony has had the opportunity to personally meet and get to know 80-90% of the agents in New York City, that makes this seminar is a ONE STOP MARKET for learning about all the best agents. It can potentially save you a lot of time in research, phone calls, emails, mailings.

Tony is also an accomplished actor, so he knows from experience what we all must do every day.

Tony will review the complete listing from the Ross reports (now called 'Call Sheet'), and tell us the nuances of each agency, how to approach them, which ones are truly bi-coastal, and how to submit and prepare our materials and ourselves fully for a first meeting.

Tony will also hold a couple mock interviews with volunteers from the seminar, highlighting what types of questions we may be asked and how to be prepared to answer.

Tony will be a fantastic guest for those of us in New England who want to get work and land agent in New York.

****Each attendee to this Boston seminar,

will receive a free seminar at Actors Connection with a New York agent or Casting Director.

That is a $33 value !!!!

Ask any actor in Boston who has already attended seminars at Actors Connection in New York, This is a great deal! ****

Seminar Description



This is the battle cry of almost every actor seeking representation. But if you've done your homework and are a pro-active actor, you can immediately improve your chances of finding the right agent for you and your career.

Tony Nation has been one of the owners of Actors Connection for the past 8 years.

In that period of time, he has had the opportunity to personally meet and get to know 80-90% of the agents in New York City. His business and work as a career coach to actors has led to hundreds and hundreds of actors getting auditions, booking work, and freelancing or being signed to agencies in NY and LA. In this incredible seminar, he will share with you that knowledge and information that will immediately change your approach to finding your next agent and representation! Plenty of Q&A too.

Plus Tony will address.....

Some special questions for Actors in New England.....

- Do we really Need to be living in New York, to get a New York agent?

- Should we withhold that we actually live in Boston?

- Did you know that many Boston Actors, DO have good agents in New York already. They DO get called in for auditions, and are submitted by their respected agents for great principle and supporting roles in film and television.

It can be done.

How can I do that too?

You'll learn it ALL:

  • Do's and Don'ts
  • What's your Type and how to market yourself to the right agencies
  • The perfect headshot and resume
  • Legit, Commercial and Print agencies-what are the differences
  • A-B-C agencies-which one is right for you
  • Agents vs. Casting Directors
  • How to avoid scams
  • Making a Great First Impression
  • Cover Letters
  • The Agency interview-know what to expect!
  • Correspondence/Following Up/Postcards/Emails
  • Sign or Freelance
  • Do you need a website for your acting career?
  • Your business relationship with your new agent and so much more!

"Thank you very much for leading "How to Get And Keep An Agent." It was a really fantastic seminar; I am amazed at how much excellent information you shared, it was very generous."

-Anna Katherine Montgomery

"Tony has a wealth of information for the proactive actor. He knows the NY market and lays out an action plan step by step for getting and keeping an agent. He's really honest and works one on one in his workshop helping actors to find their type and then leads them to creating a brand. Tony has great marketing tools and a current insider viewpoint. Tony answers the questions about moving forward in your career with a clear business approach. Very informative - I took notes!"

-Lori Hammel

"One of the best seminars out there for all actors at any level in Showbusiness! Highly recommended."

-Patricia Stark

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Event Summary

Date: TBD

Time: TBD

Location: TBD


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price:$85 per ticket for the 3 hour sessions with Tony.

this includes the required $10 fee, at cost, for the latest 'Call Sheets' formerly known as the 'Ross Reports'., a valuable resource.

$95 at the door, so prepurchase is encouraged.


Also, each attendee will recieve a free $33 credit to use in New York for an Agent or Casting Director Seminar at Actors Connection!


thats like spending only $42 on this seminar itself!

*attendee must be paid up in full for this seminar, and also perform the free online registration at Actors Connection*