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Toby Guidry

Casting Associate, with

Burrows-Boland Casting, Los Angeles.

Mars Needs Moms

(In theaters)

'The Hobbit,Part 1'!

(The Lord of the Rings series)

returning guest, very popular last year.

Now accepting registrations.

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**Early registration Discount extended to May 1, 2011****

Toby's office recently completed

casting for...

Robert Zemeckis - Mars Needs Moms (2010)


Steven Spielberg - The Adventures of Tintin (2009)


Robert Zemeckis - "Yellow Submarine" (2012)

(Toby was casting here in Rhode Island!!!)


Peter Jackson - 'The Hobbit' Part 1 (2012) (Lord of the Rings Trilogy)

Toby independently was the casting director for....

Presentation Pilot for Spike, 'Back Nine'

- Pelham 123, and Bride Wars. Both shot in Boston.

Even more recent credits for 2011.

Random Encounters - Indie Feature - Casting Director

Death of Toys - AFI short - Casting Director

ABC pilot - Once Upon A Time - Casting Associate

The Shunning - Hallmark movie - under burrows/boland

Toby is originally from Rhode Island, and tells me that he can't wait to return home an re-connect with New England actors! This seminar is for actors who want to land principal roles in feature films, and who would like to connect with this busy Casting Director, and learn about the casting side of the business.

We recomend this seminar to those who...

- who want to know more about how casting is done in LA.

- who are considering a move to LA.

- who would like to meet the CD's who help cast films that are filmed in Boston, but cast principle roles are cast in LA and New York, long before production, and long before Angela and Carolyn cast us as in the local hire supporting roles.

- who want the experience of reading and getting direction from and learning from a Hollywood Casting director.

- who have general questions about how business is done at this level of the film industry.

Toby was the New York casting associate, auditioning New York actors for the principal roles in feature films that were shot in Boston in 2008, Pelham 123, and Bride Wars.

(Why not connect our New England actors for those principle roles for Toby's next film?)

Just last spring (March, 2009), Toby also completed casting on a Presentation Pilot for Spike, 'Back Nine'.

Once registered, you will be able to download sides for this event about one week prior. This offers you plenty of time to select and prepare the materials that you like best from scripts that Toby has actually cast. You may also optionally select or be assigned cold reading sides at the time of the event. You will perform the scene with a reader.

Toby regularly runs this same seminar in LA, to full capacity.

His session includes a lengthy open Q&A, followed by individual readings with scripts from movies or television programs he has cast. He then provides redirection on your performance, and offers you the opportunity to read a second time. Toby prefers a class limit of 25, which makes it a relaxed, intimate and unhurried setting. If we fill to capacity at 30 attendees, we extend the seminar accordingly. On top of that, he an extremely generous and nice guy. Some of the Q&A topics include - how does he finds talent, from breakdowns, certain agents, or his personal files? - how does the casting process really work for a feature film? -What is the job of the casting associate as compared to the casting director? - What you can do to put your best foot forward? -Actors in his seminars report that he is very informative and encouraging. Toby has informed me that he has most certainly called in actors for auditions from his past seminars!

and as seems to be the usual for us chatty New England Actor types, we can hang out afterward and Network with one another.

Compare to similar events are offered in Boston

Them                                 New England Actors Network

$150                                     $125

up to 50 attendees            max 25 attendees

Actors age 17 or under

A single parent or guardian (not just an actor friend, please), may attend the workshop for free when a ticket is purchased for a minor.

Actors age 14 and over

may attend without a parent or guardian present.

Now accepting registrations. (scroll to the bottom)

Testimonials from Toby's last

visit to Boston, Spring 2009

This is ALL of the complete testimonials received from attendees.

We did not edit them in any way, except to hide the name of the attendee at their request, nor did we exclude anyone's feedback form. What you see is what we got.

The email Survey

Dear actor, Thanks for attending Toby Guidry's seminar this May 9, 10, 2009

I am seeking your feedback, so I can learn to make these events better for everyone.

It is most appreciated. Just 4 questions!....

1) What did you like about the seminar?

2) What did you like about the guest?

3) Did you learn anything new?

4) Any complaints or suggested changes for next time?

thanks! Karl Steudel , New England Actors Network

All The replies

Dave Sanfacon

Hey Karl:

I though the seminar went very well. It was great to have a chance to network with other actors. The event location and room were great, which I think is sometimes a detail that gets overlooked. Toby was really great. Laid back, informative, encouraging, open, honest…comfortable to perform in front of. I’m not sure I would change anything. If I were pushed I might suggest a few less attendees so that each actor might have a few more minutes to perform their scene and receive more feedback.

Great job getting this together Karl, thank you!

Dave Sanfacon

Hey Karl:

You can use my full name.

We should get together and talk about the biz/opportunities at some point. I live in Cambridge so lots of places to meet if that’s convenient to you.


Alexandra McDougall

1) I liked the opportunity to meet other actors in an informal and non-competitive situation and to read for a working casting director who gave critiques and made time for people.

2) Both before and after the seminar, Toby was accessible by e-mail for questions and a friendly word. (Before the seminar, I checked to see if the seminar was legit and after the seminar, I needed a bit of advice on a specific concern.)

3) I learned a few things in the Q&A session regarding working in L.A., so that was particularly helpful.

4) I don't think so, though if you were to figure out a way to host an actor meet and greet sometime (where we weren't charged to meet other actors) that would be awesome. I haven't entirely figured out how to do that one out yet, though I have tried.

Karl, Totally feel free to give my full name and if anyone ever asks you for a reference, by all means, ask them to write to me here. Thank you again for everything you are doing; it's a wonderful help.

All my best, -Alex

Rachel Carney

1. I liked the seminar because I thought Toby was excellent. He was well informed and very helpful. You could tell he really likes his job. I liked the question and answer portion.

2. See above

3. I learned about Breakdown Services and parts of the casting process. I learned that my resume looks good. I learned from reading my scene and Toby's feedback.

4. No complaints! It was great!

You can use my name, that's fine

Carl Schwaber

1) What did you like about the seminar?

very informative regarding on a variety of topics addressed: reading from sides, casting directors, auditioning, etc.

2) What did you like about the guest?

extremely warm, personable, humble, knowledgeable

3) Did you learn anything new?

a few things, but he also confirmed some stuff that I had a sense about but was not definitive on

4) Any complaints or suggested changes for next time?

I was happy with the time alloted to general questions and the readings with feedback; no complaints

Hi Karl, Feel free to quote me to promote his next event, and feel free to quote my full name: Carl Schwaber. Carl

Paul Shafer

Date: Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hi Karl, Here are m thoughts:

1) What did you like about the seminar?

I liked the small group setting, which gave everyone the opportunity to participate. I especially like the opportunity to give mock auditions and be critiqued.

2) What did you like about the guest?

Toby Guidry had a positive attitude about the film industry and was very encouraging to all of us there. During the mock auditions, he kept his comments brief, usually, giving only one or two points of advice to each actor, which makes the critique easier to retain.

3) Did you learn anything new?

4) Any complaints or suggested changes for next time?

The problem I had with the seminar was that it quickly turned into a bitch session about the "impossibility" of finding work here in Boston, which is of course a myth. I thought that much of the discussion period was dominated by a handful of actors who were more intent on venting their frustration with not having found much work, and complaining about Carolyn Pickman, than hearing what Toby might have had to say about how to handle the challenges of finding work in a tight market, which all of us face, and would probably face in LA as well. Actors wanting to be right and righteous rather than guided or challenged. And then once the woman began to pitch her database idea to Toby, I just became embarrassed on behalf of the Boston acting community. Then again, I guess I should've spoken up more myself if it really bothered me . . . oh well. I just thought that Toby was too nice a guy to say hey, if you want to be a working actor, prepare and train yourself to handle rejection on a regular basis in a gracious and professional manner. It's simply part of the job.

Unfortunately, I walked away from the seminar feeling like I had not learned very much - I felt like I had left a support group.

Most important, however, is that you got someone all the way from CA to talk to us and share his knowledge. I'm so thankful that you are acting on your vision of a Boston acting scene that is closer to the big-time action. Thanks very much, Karl. I will be looking for the next seminars!


Paul Shafer

"C" - anonymous

1) What did you like about the seminar?

nice location, we all got a chance to read

2) What did you like about the guest?

kind, young, had a lot of good experience, looked at me personally

3) Did you learn anything new?

personally to take more risks

4) Any complaints or suggested changes for next time?

more opportunity to give out contact infoamounst everyone

Cassandre Fiering

1) What did you like about the seminar?

Toby's positive and informative style created an upbeat and friendly atmosphere. I felt comfortable asking as many questions as I needed to feel I was getting my money's worth. I also LOVED the location (though I've heard you can't keep it ;-(

2) What did you like about the guest?

see above...

3) Did you learn anything new?

It more just clarified for me things I knew but wasn't totally sure about...

4) Any complaints or suggested changes for next time?

Can't think of any! Thanks!

sure, sweetheart! "Cassandre Fiering" is fine. Just got home from an unexpected rain makeup day on Furry Vengeance. Totally braindead!


Aimee Rose Ranger

1) What did you like about the seminar?

Info about the industry from someone CURRENTLY involved. It changes so rapidly, that even having a college professor who was in NY or LA 8 years ago is not helpful. I liked being able to do the cold readings/get feedback.

2) What did you like about the guest?

He was very warm, and very REAL which is contrary to what I hear about "LA" people. He sincerely wanted to help.

3) Did you learn anything new?

I learned about the Boston scene. I felt a little on the outside about this certain woman that everyone kept referencing from Boston Casting, perhaps? or seemed like everyone was in the loop about some person in the industry, and since what they were saying wasnt nice, her name wasnt mentioned...but I as a result felt out of the loop entirely...but I learned different perspectives about the Boston Scene.

4) Any complaints or suggested changes for next time?

I think the question/talking in the beginning could be more structured so the same people aren't always talking (I appreciated your interjections about this, but more structure could have changed this)

I would have liked more time for the Cold readings/more time for feed back about resumes. Overall, it was helpful and exciting. Thank you for hosting it, and please, keep me on the list!

Aimee Rose Ranger thanks!

Hey, Karl, Please excuse my delay in responding. Aimee rose ranger is fine. Have a great night!


Toby's IMDB pages...

Toby has worked in casting for the last 5 years. During this time, he has cast feature films, such as The Taking of Pelham 123, Bride Wars, Confessions of a Shopaholic, The Heartbreak Kid, Employee of the Month, and Herbie Fully Loaded in both LA and NYC. He has also worked on the casting side of network television (Gilmore Girls), pilots (Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Manchild), and motion capture feature films (Steven Spielberg’s Tintin and the Robert Zemeckis produced Mars Needs Moms). He has taught classes instructing actors how to prepare for their auditions, as well as providing feedback and direction to their readings.

Below is Toby Guidry's contact info through roughly Today, Dec, 31, 2009.

Toby looks forward to snail mail follow ups from all the attendees.

His company, Burrows Bowland, moves frequently, so we will post the new address when they move.

Toby Guidry

Burrows/Boland Casting

12641 Beatrice Street

Los Angeles, CA 90066

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This event in Summary

Toby Guidry, Casting Assoc.

Date: May 21, 2011

Times: 10am - 2pm

Venue: Boston, MA. details provided with registration.